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ProBlend™ Chlor White Liquid Bleach - 15 Gal.

ProBlend™ Chlor White Liquid Bleach - 15 Gal.

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ProBlend™ Chlor White Liquid Bleach - 5 Gal.

Maximum power liquid bleach. Safe on cotton and synthetic fabrics. May be used as a soil removal aid or as a destaining presoak for blood and protein stains. Not for use on natural silk, wool or nylon fibers.

Manufacturers Item #PB0005205AD

ProBlend™ DSQ10 RTU Label

RTU label. For use on spray bottles and other containers containing diluted/ready to use product. Can also be used on the Restaurant or Housekeeping Charts.

Manufacturers Item #PB0013960RLB

ProBlend™ Enzyme Power Laundry Detergent - 5 Gal.

Simplify the laundering process by eliminating laundry break and sour steps. Does not require high alkalinity. Citrus fragrance. Can be used as a presoak and performs well in lower temperatures.

Manufacturers Item #PB0016905AF

ProBlend™ Opti-Brite - All-In-One/Towel & Rag Powder Laundry Detergent - 50 lb.

Premium, powdered, all-in-one detergent drastically reduces bleaching with regular use. Effective at all temperatures. Citrus fragrance.

Manufacturers Item #PB0011691AA

ProBlend™ Stain Pro C Pre-Spotter - Qt.

Excellent Chlorine-infused pre-spotting agent for use on white linen. Removes a broad range of stains including coffee, wine, fruit juice, mildew and mustard. Linen must be chlorine bleach compatible. Floral fragrance.

Manufacturers Item #PB0012690AC

ProBlend™ Suds All Liquid Laundry Detergent - 5 Gal.

High-sudsing, unbuilt liquid laundry detergent with a moderate pH contains powerful surfactants to emulsify soils during the wash cycle. Citrus fragrance. Best for light to medium soiled laundry in home style machines.

Manufacturers Item #PB0015780AA

ProBlend™ Detergent Plus - 15 Gal.

Great liquid detergent for oily and greasy soils like lipstick, shoe polish and sun tan lotion. Citrus fragrance. It has a synergistic blend of surfactants plus powerful dispersants to emulsify and suspend soils.

Manufacturers Item #PB0017005AB

ProBlend™ Rinse Free Rinsing Agent - 5 Gal.

An economical, concentrated liquid rinsing agent contains defoaming and sheeting agents. It accelerates drying time by reducing the surface tension on tableware and aids in defoaming wash tanks.

Manufacturers Item #PB0014409AA

ProBlend™ Sour/Soft Plus - 5 Gal.

Concentrated, economical, acid based neutralizer and anti-yellowing agent for use in commercial laundries. Reduces the residual alkalinity in clothes and linens. Citrus fragrance.

Manufacturers Item #PB0016898AA