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ProBlend™ Low Temp Chart

ProBlend™ Low Temp Chart

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ProBlend™ Eliminator Plus Oven Cleaner - Qt.

Premium oven cleaner formulated with a blend of high alkaline, solvent based, organic detergents for dissolving heavy soils. It cleans fat, oil and grease from ovens, grills, stoves and hard surfaces.

Manufacturers Item #PB0027180AA

ProBlend™ Eraser Cleaner & Destainer - Qt.

Powerful ready to use cleaner and destainer removes challenging stains including mildew, food stains, and discoloration. Contains chlorine bleach. Floral fragrance.

Manufacturers Item #PB0012690AB

ProBlend™ Galaxy-12 Linen Fresh RTU Label Sheet

RTU label. For use on spray bottles and other containers containing diluted/ready to use product. Can also be used on the Restaurant or Housekeeping Charts.

Manufacturers Item #PB0027225RLB

ProBlend™ HW LT Detergent - 4/1 Gal.

Specifically designed for hard water applications in low temperature commercial dishmachines. Keeps your dishes clean and sparkling for great customer satisfaction.

Manufacturers Item #PB0018145AB

ProBlend™ Lavender Express Cleaner Degreaser - 4/Gal.

Boldly fragranced Lavander Express is a special multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser formulated for removing soil, grease and grime from any washable surface.

Manufacturers Item #PB0016600AD

ProBlend™ LT Rinse Aid Drying Agent - Gal.

Economical anti-spotting drying agent and anti-foamer breaks down the surface tension of water on glasses and silverware. The result is sheeting of rinse water and no water spots.

Manufacturers Item #PB0020733AB

ProBlend™ LT San - Gal.

Concentrated and stabilized 10% sodium hypochlorite solution, blended to sanitize food service glassware, flatware, dishes, and utensils in commercial dishmachines. EPA Registered.

Manufacturers Item #PB0005205AB

ProBlend™ Sapphire Phosphate Free Detergent - 5 Gal.

Premium phosphate free pot and pan detergent produces long lasting suds. Sapphire is tough on soils yet gentle to skin. Works well in all water conditions.

Manufacturers Item #PB0021000AD

ProBlend™ SureGrip Daily Cleaner & Degreaser - 4/Gal.

Use as the first line of defense in the battle against slippery floors. This hard surface floor cleaner greatly improves surface traction, reduces the occurrence of polymerization, when used daily, and leaves surfaces residue free. Approved and Co-Branded with our partners at SureGrip Floor Safety Systems.

Manufacturers Item #PB0021150AB